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I am an aspiring 3D artist, with a focus in creating assets for and lighting video game environments. Until recently I was mostly self taught, but last year I took several classes at the Academy of Art University to supplement my skills. I love most genres, but science-fiction and fantasy settings are really where my passion lies.

It took me a while to narrow my focus in the field of art and entertainment after my undergrad program at UCSD, but now I enjoy long hours and late nights hard at work on various conceptual as well as 3D projects. I am more than happy to be doing this for many years/decades to come.


I currently work for Obsidian Entertainment doing area design as well as artwork for Fallout: New Vegas DLC. I have worked on Dead Money, as well as all our forthcoming DLC packs.


3D Studio Max 2011
Softimage XSI
Photoshop CS3
Gamebryo Engine (for Fallout)
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